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The Daggers' Lair

A Dungeon Adventure

There is a criminal element in all cities, and in one city, one of those elements is a growing gang of goblins. Unlike common goblins living in the forests and caves, these are civilized goblins. They are integrated into society, and many are hard working contributors to society. But there is also a sizable lot that have taken to underground dealings and dark alley thuggery.

One such goblin gang is known as the Daggers. They have taken over a lower class neighborhood by extortion, usury, gambling, thievery and blackmail. Their base is located beneath a tavern called the Flaming Monkey (see below).

Can your party of adventurers penetrate the Daggers' Lair and capture the goblin gang's Boss? They'll need cunning to overcome crafty goblin traps. They'll need strength to overcome the Boss' best bodyguards. And they'll need luck to capture the Boss before he captures the party.

The Daggers' Lair can be inserted into nearly any fantasy campaign using any RPG system.


The Flaming Monkey Tavern

Available FREE Here.

Includes Battlemaps for a small tavern and its' cellar. Bonus quick-start adventure may be used as a starting point for the Daggers' Lair dungeon adventure, or an adventure of your own design.