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Endurance Class Destroyer Deckplans/RPG Battle Maps

Explore the galaxy in command of this stunning starship! Every corner of all four decks of the Endurance Class Destroyer is mapped out in full color at standard 5-foot per inch scale. Each deck is also presented with all features labeled, as well as map assembly sheets. Print only the area of the ship you need for battle, or paste together an entire deck, which can be almost 8 feet long! You can also create your own designs by mixing and matching map sheets for entirely new starship battlemaps.
Length: 520'
Beam: 320'
Height: 200'
Tonnage: 40,00
Cargo Capacity: 4,000 tons
Main Betteries: 4 Dual Plasma Cannons
Crew Cabins: 14 Officers Quarters, 80 Double Crew cabins

Features 13 Guest Quarters, 16-Bed Infirmary, 14-Cell Brig, Mess Hall, Auditorium, Workshop, 3 Science Labs, 2 Recreation Centers, a 2-Shuttle Bay, and 80 Escape Pods.

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