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Wydraz RPG Products creates affordable "you-print-it" accessories to enhance your fantasy or sci-fi role-playing games.



Battlemaps: City Streets

A set of full color battlemaps depicting the streets of a modern or scifi city. These geomorphic maps can be joined to form a massive area of city; the more copies you print, the larger your metropolis grows! Scale: 5 feet per 1-inch square.

Set 1 Includes 3 maps 16 x 21 inch:
Typical intersection A (with traffic and building interiors)
Typical intersection B (with traffic and building interiors)
Empty intersection

Set 2 Includes 3 maps 16 x 21 inch:
Sinkhole (from a subterranean monster or natural disaster)
Crowded intersection (traffic jam)
Cratered intersection (from mortar fire or a meteor shower)

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